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8/10 public sector leaders agree that they have an issue with employee retention which comes from a lack of engagement. 

Our leadership development and coaching programs help leaders understand people better and communicate more effectively so they can confidently manage and empower their team and increase retention.


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We help leaders and managers to have greater influence and impact, through understanding how other people tick. You’re amazing as a leader in 9/10 situations. We help get you the rest of the way. 

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Accelerated growth


 We help early to mid-career professionals develop the self-awareness and confidence to become effective leaders who can manage and lead under pressure. Our coaching services aim to provide more understanding, confidence, and certainty to new managers requiring support to adapt to their roles.

How can we help?

Help your team to THRIVE

Cohesion & engagement


We work with both large and small teams to help them effectively solve their most challenging issues while increasing their understanding of what’s necessary to work together for maximum impact.

Leadership & Management Coaching

For mid-career professionals who want to “up their game” when it comes to the people aspect of leadership. Maybe you are new to the role or need some new strategies. If you are new to leading others, have hit a roadblock or perhaps just want to have more influence and impact, coaching can help. 

We also coach people who are looking to make a significant career change or are bouncing back from a career setback. ICF ACC credentialed coach. DISC Flow and HBDI accredited. 

Training & Development

Are you a manager or executive who wants better teamwork, engagement and satisfaction for your team?  Cohesion, respect and collaboration, leads to extraordinary outcomes for your people and the people your organisation serves.

We work with large and small teams, to help them solve their thorny issues, and boost their understanding of each other and what’s needed to work together for maximum impact. Communication, confidence, collaboration are our specialty.

Facilitation & Speaking

We offer group facilitation services- utilising cutting-edge creative techniques- to organizations dedicated to helping their people work together more effectively.  

Talk to us about an inspiring and entertaining keynote address for your next event.

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Impact starts here

Coaching helped me identify what I needed as a human being, rather than what I needed as an employee.  I had to dig into who I am and what I value, which was both insightful and a little confronting.

I discovered what REALLY mattered, rather than what SHOULD matter and built ways to act on those things.

Alisha Gilliland

Education Coordinator , Health Sector

Rise Coaching & Development has helped me in profound ways. I have cleared away some negative thoughts and feelings and I now have more confidence in my career.

I know myself and am looking forward, knowing I have the skills to do whatever I want.


Michelle Denman

Specialist Consultant, Aged Care Sector

Jeanette helped me with work-life balance. I now have more time for my familiy, and for myself. I am more productive at work as I am able to delegate, and now work reasonable hours without guilt. 

She was able to help me create tangible solutions to everyday issues. Her coaching was insightful, creating relevant and positive change.

Ricardo Francis

Policy and Liaison, Education & Governance Sector (Canada)

I was feeling lost and frustrated, unsure of myself, finding it difficult to make decisions and get motivated to make changes in my life. 

I’ve been able to work through a number of different areas of my life, taking steps towards things that I had been avoiding for a long time.

Deb Watson

Consultant, Disability and Aged Care Sector

Jeanette’s gifts of empathy and compassion mean she can see the possibilities of what can be achieved and she can help you get there.

With grace and humility she coached me on the things that mattered to me.

Vicki Macdermid

Thought Leader & Coach, Creator of The Power Quotient®

Jeanette’s approach was invitational, with plenty of space and questions to help me find clarity around my direction in life.

The tools we used were helpful and I will continue to use them for myself and my family.

Lucy Liga

Educator and Yoga Teacher, Tertiary Education Sector

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