Transform your leadership

Elevate your influence & impact by understanding the power of people



Rise Coaching & Development helps mid-career professionals who are challenged by the “people aspect” of their leadership, to become more people-savvy:


√  DEVELOP new people insights

√  CATAPULT your emotional intelligence

√  ELEVATE your communication skills

√  FLEX your leadership style for maximum effectiveness

√  BECOME a trusted leader

√ Enjoy CAREER-CHANGING development


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“Coaching helped me identify what I needed as a human being, rather than what I needed as an employee.  I had to dig into who I am and what I value, which was both insightful and a little confronting. I discovered what REALLY mattered, rather than what SHOULD matter and built ways to act on those things.”

Alisha Gilliland

Education Coordinator, Health Care Sector

Become a confident, people-savvy leader!

We provide coaching, workshops and group programs, to support mid-career leaders who want to “up their game” when it comes to leading people well

These leaders are the innovators–  the ones who recognise that without a deeper understanding of people, they’ll be overlooked for greater opportunites.

We help them to LEAD DIFFERENTLY, expanding their skills to put PEOPLE at the centre 

       Our services are designed to help mid-career professionals to-

Develop a vision of the leader they want to be

Gain confidence in their ability to manage complex issues and dynamics

Lead difficult conversations with ease

Learn the secrets to becoming a leader that people want to join

Lead in a way that enables others to grow and flourish

We also provide facilitation services to clients who require an “people-centred” approach,

and training for organisations who want to help their people and leaders to become more confident in their people-savvy skills.

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Transformational coaching

Lead your Way: Change your Future

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group programs

Share the Journey

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Training and Facilitation


What They Say

“I was feeling lost and frustrated, unsure of myself, finding it difficult to make decisions and get motivated to make changes in my life. I’ve been able to work through a number of different areas of my life, taking steps towards things that I had been avoiding for a long time.”

Deb- Consultant, Disability & Aged Care Sector

“Jeanette’s gifts of empathy and compassion mean she can see the possibilities of what can be achieved and she can help you get there. With grace and humility she facilitated progress on the things that mattered to me. “

Vicki- Coach & Leadership Development Specialist

“I would recommend Jeanette wholeheartedly. Her approach was invitational, with plenty of space and questions to help me find clarity around my direction in life. The tools we used were helpful and I will continue to use them for myself and my family.”

Lucy- Educator and Yoga/Qigong teacher