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Jeanette is a dynamic coach, trainer, and facilitator who is passionate about empowering individuals to become strong and influential leaders. With a profound grasp of human behavior, she helps unlock the keys to success.

Over her expansive 30+ year career in government, science, agriculture, and veterinary medicine, Jeanette has consistently dedicated herself to improving people’s lives. From advocating for women leaders in government and shaping policy to contributing to groundbreaking medical research, her impact has been diverse and meaningful. 

Whether it’s catalyzing personal and professional growth or fostering health and well-being through her cherished equine partners, Jeanette’s unwavering commitment to her fellow humans shines through. With her expertise, you can discover the transformative power of effective leadership and make a positive difference in your world.

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Challenging the status quo

For as long as I can remember I’ve observed people

All sorts of people. Mostly people I don’t know, but as I’ve watched them interacting I make up stories about who they are and what is really going on. I ‘listen’ to body language.

I love it. It’s a great pastime. I thought everyone did it, but apparently not!

I’m a naturally curious person, so I’m fascinated to learn what makes people tick. I find the goodness in each person I work with and shine a spotlight on it for others and themselves to see.

I’m Jeanette White and I like to see people shine- particularly women but not only women. My WHY (a la Simon Sinek) is Big Lives Matter.

I’m a ICF credentialed ACC coach, a trainer and creative facilitator, and I help people become more people-savvy so that they can be better leaders, friends and community members.  I do this through coaching, training and facilitation.

‘Getting by’ no longer feels like a strategy

Do any of these things describe you?

You’re great at what you do but sometimes the people stuff is hard to deal with. It’s stressful and it’s holding you back

You want to become a better leader of people, but don’t know where to start

People who work for you just don’t seem to care as much any more. They’re checking out.

You’re struggling to gain traction at work and want to  have more influence and be taken seriously.

You’re at a stage in life when you want to be more focused and to work out exactly how you are going to be the best leader you can be for the people around you. 

Getting by no longer feels like a strategy. You are ready to stretch yourself to be a better leader.

Rise Coaching & Development is here to support you to learn, grow and take positive action.


Jeanette White Coach

Helping others see the best in themselves and others has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Not a day passes by when I don’t feel grateful that my passion is also my work.


JeanetteWHITE Family

It would seem that being a parent means mostly bringing up your children and teaching them about the world. And yet, I often find the roles reversed. My children have taught me more about myself and life than I could ever imagine!

Horse Lover

Jeanette and Pepsi

One of my greatest loves is horses. I can’t imagine life without them.  I love to hang out with my two horses Ella and Pepsi, patting and brushing them or training them. Pepsi is a brumby. Captured in the wild as a youngster, he is fun, challenging and highly intelligent.

Border Collie dog

Dog lover

Daily interactions with my two Border Collies Hettie and Hamish, remind me how important play is to my wellbeing. Their rough and tumble play is so funny and contagious! 



If you ever come to visit you’ll notice how extensive my garden is. From the veggie garden and orchard to the roses and natives, the chooks always have somewhere interesting to explore and we always have fresh produce to pick. 


I’ve always love to exercise. Over the years I’ve played basketball, cricket, soccer and squash. These days I love my local “BooFiit” exercise classes, pilates and walking in the bush with my friends. Coffee and a chat is the ultimate reward! 

 The Whole Brain Thinking workshop assisted me to understand my responses under pressure situations, explore my introvert tendencies and surprised me a little!

Insightful and delightful, the presentation was colourful and interesting, with groupwork and individual reflection. 

Thea VB

Manager, Aged and Disability Sector

Michelle Denman

Coaching to support me to navigate change in my career has helped me in profound ways. I have cleared away some negative thoughts and feelings and I now have more confidence in my career.

I know myself at a deeper level and am looking forward, knowing I have the skills to do whatever I want.

Michelle Denman

Specialist Consultant, Aged Care Sector

Jeanette helped me with work-life balance. I now have more time for my familiy, and for myself. I am more productive at work as I am able to delegate, and now work reasonable hours without guilt. 

She helped me create tangible solutions to everyday issues. Her coaching was insightful, creating relevant and positive change.

Ricardo Francis

Policy & Liaison , Governance- Education Sector

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