Quick Tips: What are you putting up with?

It is easy to get bogged down with things that accumulate over time. Some things can clutter our minds and lead to overwhelm. Often these are things that we are tolerating and could live without. Goodbye, overwhelm!


  1. Make a list of all the things you are tolerating in your life. What is cluttering your mind and draining your energy?

You may not want to do anything about them right now, but writing them down will bring them into your conscious mind whilst your unconscious mind can go to work on handling or fixing them!

  1. Write as many things as you can, then you can add to your list over time.

Examples: clutter, should, indecision, messy desk, bills disorganised, disorganised and bulging wardrobe or pantry, incomplete tasks, poor processes or procedures, unfulfilling friendships…..etc.

  1. Pick one item from the list and take action on it right now (or in the next 24 hours).

Consider placing your list somewhere prominent or making a reminder to yourself to review your list in 30 days.

Let me know in the comments how this simple exercise changed your life for the better!

Written by

Jeanette White


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