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“I was feeling lost and frustrated, unsure of myself, finding it difficult to make decisions and get motivated to make changes in my life. I’ve been able to work through a number of different areas of my life, taking steps towards things that I had been avoiding for a long time.”

Deb- Consultant, Disability & Aged Care Sector

“Jeanette’s gifts of empathy and compassion mean she can see the possibilities of what can be achieved and she can help you get there. With grace and humility she facilitated progress on the things that mattered to me. “

Vicki- Coach & Leadership Development Specialist

“I would recommend Jeanette wholeheartedly. Her approach was invitational, with plenty of space and questions to help me find clarity around my direction in life. The tools we used were helpful and I will continue to use them for myself and my family.”

Lucy- Educator and Yoga/Qigong teacher

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Quick Tips: Doing ‘The Work’

Quick Tips: Doing ‘The Work’

Many of us carry around unhelpful patterns of thinking. Being aware of your patterns then challenging your thoughts can help you break these patterns. Here's a couple of ways including doing "The Work" exercise by Byron Katie, to get you started. Start here! Consider...

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Get to know your unhelpful thoughts

Get to know your unhelpful thoughts

Understanding your unhelpful thinking patterns can change your life forever. Much of the noise in our lives is not external but internal, and sometimes that internal noise can eat us up. Many of us carry around patterns of unhelpful thinking. Changing unhelpful...

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A letter from your future

A letter from your future

Imagine for a minute that you have a crystal clear vision and dream for your future. To create change in your life, it can really help to be able to picture what the end game is! Do you dream of what you want? Can you imagine your life the way you think it should be...

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