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Who we work with


Every client is unique, but we’ve noticed some common themes.

A Rise Coaching & Development client might be:

  • Technically competent but struggle with the people stuff
  • Feeling confident within their comfort zone
  • In a secure job but feel like they could do it better
  • Wondering how they could be a better leader
  • Feeling restless or anxious
  • Contemplating a career change
  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the people complexities of their role
  • Craving the feeling of confidence and competence in leadership roles

Many of my clients have experienced anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and are afraid to admit they could do better. They are deep thinkers and intelligent.

They are, however, ready for CHANGE, and imagine themselves contributing in a more significant way to the organisation or business they work within and it’s people, and know they could be having a greater impact. They recognise that successful people ask for help

Be confident in knowing that you are not alone, and by working with Rise Coaching & Development you will begin to feel like you are taking control and making progress from the very first session.

woman with sparkler

Jeanette is the sort of person who knows how to get things done. With grace and humility she can see the potential in a person, and help you get where you want to go.


Coach & Leadership Development Specialist

Jeanette helped me stay honest with myself, meeting me exactly where I was at, and tailoring our sessions to what I needed. Her approach is always kind and empathetic, whilst being direct and honest. Taking action has been very motivating.


Consultant, Disability & Aged Care Sector

I came to coaching because I’d lost a little piece of me along the way, and didn’t know what I should be doing. Once I got rid of the “shoulds” I was able to concentrate on working out what was missing in my life, and bit by bit, I found myself. I recommend coaching to anyone who’s struggling to make progress on their own.


Creative industries

It’s easy to get started….


1. SCHEDULE A FREE zoom call

If you are interested in group or individual coaching, start today with an obligation-free 30 minute Discovery Call on Zoom.

You can get to know your coach a little, find out more about our products and services, and see whether we would be a good match for each other.

Or call me on 0428 395 492

2. CHOOSE 1:1 or group COACHING

For maximum impact, begin with 1:1 coaching, transitioning to a group if you enjoy the energy that is generated when likeminded women* get together to learn and support each other.

1:1 coaching is always available and group coaching is available at certain times of the year.

A minimum engagement of 3 months is desirable with 6-12 months being optimal. *Inner Circle Group Coaching is a women-only program. 


Develop a vision of the leader you want to be

Gain confidence in your ability to manage complex issues and dynamics

Lead difficult conversations with ease

Learn the secrets to becoming a leader that people want to join

Lead in a way that enables others to grow and flourish

As ICF members, we uphold the highest standards and ethics in coaching and use a contemporary and evidence-based coaching approach.

Jeanette White

Begin today

the time for change is now

There’s always going to be an excuse to delay.  Why wait? By reaching out to us we will get you started on developing your awareness and skills and contributing to your organisation or business with confidence and ease.  People need you!

What To Expect

A safe space

You are unique. We provide a safe and empowering space for you to identify the ways that you want to improve your life and then create goals that are positive, future focussed and inspiring. We help to break down these goals into manageable steps to support your transition from where you currently are, to where you want to be. You will identify what’s getting in the way and develop strategies to help you overcome these obstacles. You get to dream!

insight to action

What got you here, definitely won’t get you there! It’s time to think outside the box! Coaching gets results. Every day we make choices about what we do or don’t do. Each of these choices (no matter how small) will affect the results that we get in life which therefore influences how fulfilled or unfulfilled we go on to feel. I help you to identify your core values (what’s really important to you), which enables you to make wiser choices and ultimately create a leadership style that feels right for you. 


It’s time for you to gather up the reins! Coaching is different from counselling where sessions focus mainly on the person’s past in order to bring about understanding and healing. It is also different from mentoring or consulting- our goal is not to tell you what you should do or how to live your life. It’s about being a facilitator that empowers you to identify the changes that you would like to make and then helping you through the process of achieving these goals.

Deep non judgemental listening

Our focus is always on your needs. We listen to what you say (and what you don’t say) and offer challenging and thought provoking questions to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself. We will also challenge your perspective, helping you to step outside of your comfort zone.

About me

I help mid-career professionals become more people savvy leaders
Jeanette sitting on bench smiling at camera

Coach, trainer & facilitator, with a passion for helping people become kinder, more impactful leaders through developing a deep understanding of what makes people tick

About Jeanette

Rise Coaching & Development is a boutique coaching business led by ICF ACC coach and member, Jeanette White.

Throughout a diverse 30+ year career that included senior positions in government, science, agriculture and the veterinary profession, her commitment has always been to helping people live better lives; whether this be helping women leaders have a voice in government and influencing policy, or through ground breaking medical research, or ensuring people have a happy, healthy companion animal in life.

With almost 20 years’ experience in facilitation and training, and running  her consultancy business AspireConnect for 10 years, life has been endlessly fascinating. She has designed and delivered leadership development programs, at a local and state level. She has held board positions and is an experienced  trainer and facilitator. The recent addition of business and personal coaching to her portfolio, enables Jeanette to contribute even more significantly to the development of others. 

In her spare time Jeanette can be found out playing with  her horses or hiking in the bush.



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