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for deep-thinking action-takers

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The Inner Circle

A 3-month group coaching program (live online) for smart, deep-thinking, action-taking professional women (such as entrepreneurs, consultants, teachers, health professionals, and veterinarians)

Are you ready for real discussion that inspires new thinking, while enjoying the company of like-minded women?

You’d be a good fit for this program if you: 

  • want to create a life that matters and overcome your fear of what other people think of you 
  • want more confidence and clarity of purpose and are sick of operating according to some restrictive rulebook that no longer fits you
  • are ready to own your strengths and skills and understand that playing small doesn’t serve you or others
  • are willing to focus your efforts by working with your coach to develop specific aspirations for yourself 
  • are prepared to feel challenged, reach new insights and turn those insights into action 
  • have an open mindset and a desire to understand how others view and experience the world 
  • are willing to assume good intentions of others (and ask clarifying questions), be patient and non-judgmental with others and adhere to absolute confidentiality.  

Inner circle zoom meeting
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What’s your story?

Progress only happens when you ditch the unhelpful stories that are holding you

The Inner Circle will help you: 

  • Notice your SELF more
  • Understand the powerful impact of early SOCIALISATION
  • Make your VALUES conscious
  • Tell your real STORY
  • Gather up your lost DESIRES
  • Write your RULEBOOK on how you want to live, work and lead.

What you will get

Extensive program

A 3-month group coaching program supporting you to focus on what’s most important in your personal and professional life.

be part of a community

A community of like-minded professional women (only 7 places available) who genuinely care about each other and have each other’s backs.

In-depth coaching

An exclusive opportunity to work up close with an experienced transformational coach with proven results. 

powerful delivery

A unique combination of one-on-one coaching, group coaching, peer mentoring and power hours to support your individual growth and learning, along with support from your coach and peers between sessions. 


An accountability framework filled with respect and trust, so that you can break through your old limits and stories and excuses and go beyond where you’ve been before. 

A safe, collaborative, open space

A safe space for you to go deeper and bring all of yourself to life.

But the real gold is the community

women sitting together talking

This is where the magic happens. 

You will: 

  • Meet like-minded women with a common focus and individual intentions for the program
  • Receive the support, encouragement and motivation to go beyond your current state
  • Receive insights and learning from a diverse group of women
  • Work collaboratively and utilise the group’s wisdom to lead you to a solution and strategy to help you achieve your goals
  • Benefit from group support and accountability- you will have a collection of hearts and minds rooting for your success and willing you to succeed
  • Enhance your personal and professional life and make connections that will benefit you for a long time to come.
  • Be an integral part of a group and celebrate your successes together!


“An absolute gun at what she does!”

Jeanette’s gifts of empathy and compassion, combined with the right dose of no-nonsense grit, means she can see the possibilities of what can be achieved and help you get there. 

Jeanette has all the attributes of someone who knows how to get things done, grace, determination and humility. She has always shown me generosity and kindness.

Vicki Mc Dermid

Senior Business Consultant and Leadership Coach

“Greater awareness, new ideas, positive and achievable.”

I’ve been able to work through a number of different areas of my life, taking steps toward things that I had been avoiding for a long time. I’ve stepped away from commitments that weren’t serving me well, and closely examined new commitments to ensure that they aligned with my values and current needs. 

I’ve developed a greater awareness of limiting assumptions about myself along with some new ideas for tackling them in a more positive and achievable way.


Consultant, Disability & Aged Care Sector, Nov 2021

“Now I know what I want.”

Coaching has helped me in profound and subtle ways.  I have more confidence and learned more about myself by digging deep and looking forward.  

The experience has given me the opportunity to know myself better and be brave.

Now I know what I want and I know I have the skills within myself to do it.

Michelle Denman

Specialist Consultant, Health and Aged Care, May 2022

Your Inner Circle program includes


⭐ 3-month personal and professional development program

⭐ two 1:1 personal coaching sessions with qualified coach Jeanette White 

⭐ ‘Meet and Greet’ group session (75-minute)

⭐ three 2.5-hour group coaching sessions 

⭐ a customised 90-day coaching and action plan

⭐ two 1-hour Power Hour Q & A sessions

⭐ exclusive small group experience

⭐ unlimited support from Jeanette via WhatsApp for three months 


It’s easy to get started

1. Choose growth

Make a decision to do something for yourself today.

We seldom regret the things we have done; it is usually the opportunities not taken that we regret.

The Inner Circle is an opportunity to have real conversations with interesting and thoughtful professional and business women just like you.

Experience one on one and group coaching and build a supportive network. 

2. Book and pay online


There are only 7 places per group so don’t miss out. Click the link below to reserve your place.

Not sure whether you’re ready for the Inner circle just yet and would like to talk it through? Book a chat with Jeanette.

She’s down-to-earth, kind and ridiculously friendly!  Or call on 0428 395 492


By joining the Inner Circle, you are giving yourself the gift of friendship, support and personal and professional growth.

Rewrite your rulebook, and contribute fully in the world with confidence and ease. Gain greater insight into yourself and turn it into positive action. It’s all within your reach. 

Walk into any room with nothing to prove and nothing to hide. 

As ICF members, we uphold the highest standards and ethics in coaching and use a contemporary and evidence-based coaching approach.

What rewriting your rulebook does


  • you can walk into any room with nothing to prove, nothing to hide and nothing to apologise for 
  • you can enjoy the confidence of knowing you are on the right path
  • you can pick and choose the way you want to live, work and lead (and nicely decline the rest) 
  • you can create a life where anything is possible and you are filled with energy.

Frequently asked questions


What is a group coaching program?

There are numerous models of group coaching. My model includes some individual coaching, some training and mostly group coaching, where you get to receive coaching from me whilst others listen and observe, and then it is their turn. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about yourself through listening to others being coached. You will have opportunities to share your own experiences in service of helping the women in your Inner Circle grow and develop.

Is coaching like mentoring or counselling?

Coaching is different from counselling where sessions focus mainly on the person’s past in order to bring about understanding and healing. It is also different from mentoring or advice – the goal is not to tell you what you should do or how to live your life. It’s about being empowered to identify the changes that you would like to make and then help you through the process of achieving these goals.


Coaching provides a safe and empowering space for you to identify the ways that you want to improve your life and then create goals that are positive, future-focussed and inspiring. I help to break down these goals into manageable steps to support your transition from where you currently are, to where you want to be. You will identify what’s getting in the way and develop strategies to help you overcome these obstacles. You get to dream!

Will the sessions be recorded?

Group coaching sessions and Power Hours will be recorded and the audio made available to participants. 

What about confidentiality?

The program runs under Chatham House Rules ie. what is said in the room, stays in the room. Participants will be required to agree to a Code of Conduct before the program starts. Group norms will be established and agreed upon in the first Meet and Greet session. 

Whati f I need to cancel or postpone?

No problem.  Just send me a message 24 hours before the session you’re going to miss, if possible, so I can let the group know. If you are unable to continue once the program is underway, we can reschedule you for a future program or arrange a partial refund. Your refund won’t include any charges from PayPal or Stripe.

Got more questions?

Just email Jeanette at

How do I book?

You can book and pay via PayPal or Stripe. If you prefer, I can send you an invoice instead.

A monthly payment plan is available on request. We wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Email Jeanette at to arrange.


All the support you need

I help people ‘do life differently’.
Jeanette White

Dr Jeanette White is a former Veterinarian and an internationally qualified coach, trainer & facilitator, with a passion for helping women write their own rulebook for how they want to work, lead and live, to create a future where anything is possible.

How we help you succeed


Thinking outside the box and writing your own rulebook can be a bit daunting at first. So included in your fee is three months of unlimited support from Jeanette via WhatsApp. You can use this time to ask Jeanette questions as you implement your coaching plan. She’ll answer your questions, encourage you and generally be there for you to cheer you on. 

When we start to challenge ourselves to think differently, it can feel uncomfortable and it is sometimes easier just to slip back into complacency and old ways of thinking and behaving. You may be worrying about what people will think or stressing about negative comments. So having Jeanette by your side as a voice of support and reason, and encouraging you to go for it will help you take the necessary action to get the results you want. 

After the three months, you will have newfound confidence to go forth and prosper. There are options for further individual coaching if there are things that you still want to focus on. You can, of course, stay in contact with your Inner Circle for support.