Terms of Service

Who we are

We are Jeanette White T/as Rise Coaching and Development

ABN   27 967 695 326

Our website address is: https://www.risecoachdevelop.com


Coaching is a process in which the client wishes to achieve personal growth in their life and

the coach is there to act as a guide and to provide structure and method to the process of

analysing the challenge and aiding the client in developing strategies and ways of thinking to

accomplish this change. It is the client who achieves change, the coach cannot ever do this

for the client.

Coaching can involve any aspect of the client’s life, including mental, emotional, physical,

relational and financial. The client retains full responsibility for all of these, their own wellbeing

and is solely responsible for any actions or decisions they take as a result of the coaching

process. The client recognizes that the coach is not and cannot be held liable for any action

or inaction or any direct or indirect result of the coaching process. The client recognizes that

coaching cannot ‘cure’ anything, mental or physical and is not a replacement for therapy or

medical help.


It is essential that confidentiality be maintained and trust established between coach and

client. Our work together will remain completely confidential, and what is discussed in session

will not be discussed outside of that session. The only exception to this rule is where I

may discuss issues arising from sessions with my own mentor or coach, although when this

happens anonymity is maintained.


I may take notes in sessions in order to better understand you and aid in

preparation for subsequent sessions. These notes will never be passed on to a third party.

Any notes will be retained for the period of coaching, and then a period of 5 years, in case the

client wishes to return to coaching at a later date.

Within our strict code of confidentiality, the coach will need to keep your name, contact details,

and attendance data on record in my office. The coach keeps a record of all appointments offered, attended, and

cancelled, and of the payments made.

You have a right to see all of your notes and records. If you would like to see the information that the coach

may have about you, please ask at any point throughout the coaching process.

In accepting the offer of coaching you agree to these records being kept.

All session fees are payable in advance.  


Session to session arrangements can be cancelled at any time with at least 24  hours notice prior to an arranged session.

I encourage you to commit to your arranged session time if at all possible.

Refunds will not be paid for cancellations or changes made within 24 hours.

A break in a block of sessions may be arranged by mutual consent.


If at any time you experience problems with the coaching process, it is best to bring it up with

the coach and attempt to overcome any obstacles that have arisen. The coach and client

undertake in good faith to resolve any problems to the best of their ability and to

the satisfaction of both parties. If in the unlikely event a problem still remains, we

recommend that the parties seek mediation from an impartial third party.


I undertake to act to the best of my ability as your coach and to work with you to help identify your personal and professional goals.

I undertake to offer you my full and undivided attention during our sessions together, to offer no judgement, only observation.

I will never tell you what to do, as you will always decide for yourself, I will only seek to help you explore the possibilities available to you.

I undertake to do my very best to ensure you have a productive and transformative experience in alignment with your own values, goals and stated desires. I will be totally committed to your desire for change and fulfilment and celebrate your every success.

I cannot offer any expertise in relation to mental health or physical health, and if these are issues I will always advise you visit a relevant professional.



I am motivated and committed to the coaching process. I understand that in order to achieve

results, my full participation and commitment will be required.

I accept full responsibility for myself and any actions I take that might result from coaching

and I promise that I am healthy enough physically and mentally to engage in coaching. I know

that I must take responsibility for my life in order to empower myself to achieve the change I

wish to make and that no one else can do this for me.

I agree to honour my scheduled session times, and adhere to the prepayment of sessions and the cancellation policy.

If my circumstances change I will tell my coach as soon as possible.