All Rise: Developing Team Strengths

In this interactive and dynamic workshop, you will explore the hidden traps of self doubt, and the power of developing a growth mindset. We shine a light on your unique strengths and how you can apply them at work for maximum impact and contribution to the team.  By understanding true confidence, you will transform your view of yourself and others, enhancing your mental health and wellbeing. You’ll walk away with a greater sense of the value you bring to your workplace and where you fit in, and strategies and an action plan for increasing your confidence at work. Have some fun with your colleagues and deepen your interpersonal relationships. 

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All rise

Workshop topics

True confidence comes from understanding and appreciating your uniques strengths and the value you bring to the world

True confidence comes through the #1 core underlying belief that unlocks genuine confidence—the growth mindset

True confidence comes through understanding the traps of self-doubt and how to overcome them

By leveraging your strengths and working on areas for improvement, you will be better equipped to navigate complex workplace and leadership challenges, build stronger teams, and drive organizational success.

Recognising your strengths and how you contribute to the team and why diversity of strengths matters

Practical applications: share your unique strengths with the group and explore the one big thing that you can ALWAYS be counted on for

powerful results

What others think?

What a fantastic session! It made me think about my contributions and how I see myself compared to how others see me. The session raised some particular areas of growth that I want to focus on. Thanks for sharing your stories and insights. 

Geraldine M

Financial Advisor, Professional Services Sector

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This face to face or virtual workshop is conducted over 3 hours (includes a break)


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This workshop is for any group or team that would benefit from getting to know each other on a more personal basis and in the context of the strengths they bring to the workplace. By building on strengths, individuals can grow in confidence within the team and contribute in a larger way. This workshop is interactive and when delivered in person or virtually, will build relationships and engagement at work.

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Jeanette is a qualified trainer and ICF credentialed coach. She has advanced training in workshop design and creative facilitation techniques, including engaging virtual facilitation. 

Our focus is always on you and what you need. Customised workshops are available.

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