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“I believe that the world is a better place when everyone has an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution, and feel safe, happy and engaged at work. I also believe that high quality leadership can enable this to be a reality and that we all have a role to play. Getting on better with people is the new imperative”

-Jeanette White

 Jeanette  works with organisations who encourage their people, train them, believe in them and set them up to succeed and shine. Her proven development programs and services deliver exceptional results for organisations, their leaders and teams.

People are under more pressure than ever. We can help. 

Leadership & Management Coaching

Navigating change, career development, managing up and leading a team. Just promoted, or wanting to be? Coaching will accelerate your progress. Group coaching programs available also.

Training & Development

If your goal is better teamwork, engagement and satisfaction for your team,  then we can help. You’ll get along better!

Facilitation & Speaking

Group facilitation to help you solve your thorny issues creatively and inspiring keynote addresses for your next event.

Leadership & Management Coaching

 At Rise Coaching & Development, we understand that everyone is different. We often work with people who are really good at technical things or are expert in their area, but find the people management side of their role challenging. They feel comfortable doing things the same way they have always done things, but it’s just not working out well enough for the people they lead and manage.  They want to be considered for promotions and new roles. Some of our clients are thinking about changing their careers, while others feel overwhelmed by their current jobs. Some are seeking more influence and impact. We are experts at helping you reach your best possible potential.

Training & Development

Unlock your leadership potential and enhance your communication skills with our in-house workshops. Elevate your influence and impact as a mid-career professional by harnessing the power of people. Become a connected leader, building trust, respect and loyalty. Our evidence-based leadership development and coaching programs foster self-awareness, focus, a positive mindset and interpersonal connection, empowering you to become the courageous leader you aspire to be. Improve teamwork, engagement, and satisfaction be learning together with your team. 

Facilitation & Speaking

Unlock creativity and foster meaningful collaboration with our innovative facilitation services. Our dynamic approach combines proven methodologies with a touch of creativity to ignite engaging workshops and meetings. Experience impactful sessions that inspire fresh thinking, generate unique solutions, and propel your team towards success.

Inspiring keynotes drawing on science, real life experiences and occasionally horses. 

Let’s work together!

Let me help you and your team to get the people stuff right. Great organisational results through the power of people. 

Jeanette White Coach
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What they’re saying

This workshop helped me to understand the way I respond under pressure, explore my introvert tendencies and surprised me a little in my Whole Brain Thinking key descriptors! Insightful and delightful, the presentation was colourful and interesting, with group work and individual reflection. 


Coordinator, Human Services

Thank-you for your emails with positive feedback and contribution to our leadership program so far– I appreciate it!

You are a great person to work with- folks like you make it easy!


Leadership Program Coordinator, Local Government

I have change my messaging to staff to get better outcomes, increased my awareness of my response to others when I’m under pressure, and recognised my need to see the big picture. I loved the workshop and definitely recommend it to others!


Operations Manager, Community Organisation

Quality Services

What you get

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Deep Understanding

With a profound insight into human behavior and a passion for developing others, we offer a comprehensive understanding of what makes people tick. This enables us to unlock your full potential and guide you towards impactful leadership.

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Customised Excellence

We believe in tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. By customising each program and coaching session, we ensure that you receive a personalised experience that addresses your unique challenges and helps you achieve exceptional results.


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Neuroscience-Inspired Strategies

We integrate cutting-edge insights from neuroscience into our coaching and training methodologies. This evidence-based approach provides you with powerful strategies to enhance your leadership effectiveness and optimize your performance.

Creative Approach

Our dynamic facilitation services combine proven methodologies with creative techniques. Through interactive workshops and engaging sessions, we foster collaboration, innovation, and fresh thinking that propel your team towards success. There’s nothing boring about our approach! 

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Lived Experience

Jeanette has worked at a senior level in both economic and community development roles, in the Victorian Public Service, and delivered two state-wide Women’s Leadership Development programs. 

Jeanette has 20+ years’ experience in facilitating and training in the not for-profit and private sectors and in government. Jeanette has delivered leadership, governance, and communication training for local and state government.

She has also provided facilitation services to the secondary and tertiary educations sectors and health. Jeanette has a passion for helping people live, work and lead to their highest potential and wants people to be happier at work and in life.


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