DISCover your Potential: Team Building using DISC

Understand yourself and the people you work with more deeply through an exploration of the unique behavioural styles, priorities and preferences of each person. Utilise the new knowledge in the context of your work environment, for greater teamwork and better problemsolving. Utilising individual DISC Flow profiles, DISCover Your Potential is an engaging, interactive workshop that provides insight into the “how” behind your “why’.  Ideal for teams and groups, this workshop brings people together like never before. 

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DISCover Your Potential- Team Building

Workshop topics

Individual DISC Flow Profile, report and action plan

Overview of the DISC Flow model- a powerful model for describing human behaviour and help people to connect and communicate better

Understand the unique qualities and strengths that you bring to the workplace 

Explore diversity and the strength it brings to your team

Exploration of the potential held within the group and how to leverage. 

By leveraging your strengths and working on areas for improvement, you will be better equipped to navigate complex challenges, work together better as a team, and drive organizational success.


Frequently Asked Questions

This face to face or virtual workshop is conducted over 3.5 hours (includes a break)


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Is this for you?

This workshop is for any group or team that would benefit from having a greater awareness of themselves and others. It enables them to make deliberate choices when interacting to improve communication and create stronger, more engaged and more productive relationships.

When people are understood and engaged, the organisations they work for thrive.

It benefits individuals to understand how they work best, managers to understand the impact they have on each person in the team, and colleagues to understand how to communicate more effectively and build better and stronger relationships.

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Important Information

Jeanette is a qualified trainer and ICF credentialed coach. She has advanced training in workshop design and creative facilitation techniques, including engaging virtual facilitation. 

Our focus is always on you and what you need. Customised workshops are available.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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